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Bera does not really like talking about his privet life. Every time journalists ask about his privet life, his respond is that his wife is singing and he is not going to betray her for a while. In fact, everything Bera does, he connects it to the music . He explains that love and intriguing relationships will always be in person’s life but a chance to become a pop star appears only once in a lifetime. I think that God gives a chance to every single person. The ones who stick to this chance and fight for success will certainly become successful people. But the people who disturb themselves by other things will miss this moment and as a result will stay with nothing. At this part of my life, my priority is to become talented and successful pop star. When I consider my life ready for other things, I will take care of my privet life but it will wait for now. Of course there are some girls who interest me but nothing serious. Mostly Georgian girls interest me. I don’t know why, but I don’t imagine myself next to no one but Georgian girl. Maybe the reason is the culture, which is completely different in Georgia then in other countries. I think none of of the none Georgian girl will ever understand the traditions we fallow.

Bera says that he is a daydreamer. Career and life would never be successful without dreaming. He explains that his first song was created at the age of 11. He was in France and while sleeping the lyrics of a song suddenly came to his head. Next morning he woke up, put on cloth and started writing down song. First the melody came, then lyrics. Finally his first song was created. From that time on, he never stopped dreaming because for him, dreams created better reality. In fact people can lead their dreams in a good way as well as in a bad way. If dreams stay dreams for the rest of our lives, we will not be able to become successful. But one should always struggle to make his or her dream to come true. For me, I am successful because I realize that my dream is accomplishable and I put a struggle every single day in order to become closer and closer to it. of course there are many factors which define our success but among all, effort plays the biggest role.

Determined to define his own destiny Bera launched Georgian Dream record label in 2010 and quickly began work on his first album. Bera defines the way of his life as a path chosen by him. Nowadays it is really difficult to choose your life path independently. Most of people do not choose their own ways for various reasons. Some do not have enough opportunities to get an education they want or dream of because do not have enough money or time. Others families choose the professions of their sons and daughters. I am a lucky person because I have chance to do everything independently. My family encourages me in everything because they are sure that my decisions are useful for family, my country and me. I often take risks because every successful person has to go through a risky and unstable path. I often have doubts about my choices. Nevertheless the regrets are much less than satisfactions. If there are not risky decisions in person’s life, one will never reach the success. One of ndle other genres such as pop and rap.

What is the most appreciable thing about this young pop singer it that he is constantly challenging himself. Even though he always strives for independence and wants to reach everything on his own, he often works with different people who give him more experience in different ways. Bera says it was fantastic working with Fusari and Jerkins. “We built a relationship. The vibe was really good and I really grew up with them. Artistically they gave me a lot.” While working with people on certain pop music you don’t only share opinion about your work but about life as well. While creating music, we get to know each other really well. They share their life experiences and morals while I share mine. At the end of this work It comes out that we became very close people. Hence I conclude that, it is really difficult to work with the person who is completely unacceptable for you. He or she can fit you in professional way but not as a person and these kind of interactions will not end up well thus music won’t come out as good as it was expected. Fortunately I have never had this kind of experience.




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The means the Scary Maze Activity operates is actually that the impossible quiz gamers start along with a blue dot in a large maze. Gamers relocate the blue dot through using their mouse (whether this is actually a laser mouse, a contact pad or some other kind of computer mouse), as well as they possess to get to the end of the labyrinth without handling the edges of the puzzle.

Depending on which version of the Learn To Fly 3 unblocked game gamers have discovered, reaching the edges could possibly cause being had all the way back to the starting point from the video game. The additional players receive, the increasingly more hard the labyrinths come to be to navigate without combing from the sides. The objective naturally is actually for gamers to obtain with as many labyrinths as achievable in order to get to the dreadful secret that lives in the center of the maze.

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Various variations of the Cubefield game exist with various concepts, sounds, and so on. Whether a player really wants to manage from zombies, escape vampires or merely operated through an enjoyable residence complete from outrageous lightings, appears as well as results there is actually a version from the Frightening Puzzle Game out there certainly that must be actually simply what a provided gamer is actually looking for. Unless, of program, that gamer is actually searching for a video game that he or even she can definitively gain through triumphing. Like a lot of various other activities, the Frightful Maze Video game may possess a side, yet it does not actually have a “gain” type of circumstance. Unless the gamer just desires to reach out to completion without having his/her nerves snagged too tough, sending them completely back to the starting point from

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The means the Distressing Puzzle Game operates is actually that gamefudge gamers begin along with a blue dot in a huge puzzle. The target from program is for players to obtain via as several puzzles as achievable to get to the terrible tip that resides in the center from the labyrinth


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